In a complex and multi-faceted company landscape, Foscart is characterized by the quality of its products and by the flexibility in the commitment to customer satisfaction. In the converting sector, that is in the processing of paper for domestic and industrial use, few companies can boast a range of products as wide and high-graded as Foscart can, and this characteristic allows the company to meet the most complex needs of its customers.
The multi-brand offer created by Foscart is achieving a broad consent and recognition both with the GDO and the customers, paying special attention to the quality/price ratio applied and to the care the company takes in presenting its articles, particularly to their packaging. If packaging is the silent seller, we can say that the company has always given the fullest consideration to this “special” seller. For over 30 years, since when Foscart srl was established in 1984, the care taken both in the product quality and in its design have been a constant feature of the company’s marketing strategy, which in the long run has been able to set up and consolidate a strong position both on the domestic and the neighbour markets.


The family-run company has grown over the years and is continuing to develop dynamically and innovatively, using the most advanced technologies supported by competence and experience earned day after day, facing while adapting to a competitive and constantly evolving market. This is the only way to be congruent with the mission of the company, that is to meet the end user’s full range of needs, both domestic and professional, through a good and competitive product that can improve the quality of life and offer effective solutions to your daily needs.



Foscart has two production facilities in the hinterland of Bassano del Grappa, and focuses its production towards the professional and domestic use. The products for professional use – easily recognisable by the trade mark FOSCART PROFESSIONAL – include multi-purpose roll towels, roll hand towels and folded hand towels, toilet paper and medical rolls. The home care products include kitchen roll towels, toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, facial tissues and tablecloths. All these articles are traded under the DELFINO – GIOIA – LILLA’ – RICAMO FIORENTINO – RAFFAELLO trade marks, using attractive packaging which has been designed to be clearly identified on the shelves of the shopping outlets. Another strength of the company is the ability to produce articles with the client’s logo and corporate image (private label).