LILLA’ FAMILY – toilet paper 10 rolls
29 October 2020
LILLA’ PER PARRUCCHIERI – Air Laid Paper mono handtowel roll for Hair Stylist
29 October 2020
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LILLA’ PER PARRUCCHIERI – Soft Tissue mono handtowel roll for Hair Stylist

LILLA’ PER PARRUCCHIERI is the practical and hygienic solution for treating customers’ beauty in total safety. A personal towel, new with every use. The disposable towel complies with hygiene regulations and protects the health of customers. The practical roll format guarantees a towel that is always clean and tidy at every service.

Product Code: 381100

Cod.EAN roll: 8011909002028

Cod.EAN box: 8011909002042

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